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"The way Altair, glistening white milky girl." Vega to met when the lunar July seven, the magpies busy take xi bridge, laughter everywhere in the world.

In the summer, I enjoy the cool in the yard with my grandma. The night wind was cool, I tease grandma told me the story. Grandma shook his cattail leaf fan began to tell the story of "the gigolo knit". "...... later, on July 7, will be as vega and meet once a year." In persimmon leaves "wow - wow -" sound, grandma the end of the story. Plunge into the horn of my looking up at grandma, curiously ask: "when just to July 7 ah!" Then for the gigolo knit to dissatisfaction: "she really hate, niulang and zhinv will see once a year, how enough!" Grandma with a smile touched my head and said: "in a couple of days to July 7!" Young I ran around in the yard, for they are happy... It was my first impression about Chinese valentine's day.

Every year Dragon Boat Festival is mom on my wrist is "line". Take the rope is composed of a few kinds of color line establishment, it. Mother said that this flower always wearing a rope, in July 7 will throw into the sky, to the gigolo knit do xi bridge, let them stay longer, the magpie is to go to sleep at night, after all "gentle, ritual dream, return of magpie bridge." Meet once a year of can not careless.

Altair and vega in the sky from far away, she hair clasp of the middle line of the Milky Way? Some "ying ying between monohydrate, affectionately not words".

July seven, the world is also very busy. The ancient childe ladies only can meet on this day, to the suffering of the lovesickness. Perhaps "distance produce beauty", or "half", the ancients emotion is always very strong.

Grandma said that July 7 is the day to go to bed early, parting of the night of the children can't stand it. July seven nights at a time, I secretly look outwards open bamboo shade, a grey in the sky, can't see a heart. I thought to myself, don't separation, vega have? Suddenly feel time passes quickly for the first time, time. Bamboo curtain in a corner, I leaned out half a head, leng leng looking at the sky, tears a drop of somehow. The word "farewell" for the first time I have to appreciate. Separation. "okay okay, and the Kings came out more, every one in tianyi ya. Road resistance and long, meet encore know?"

After be brought up a inadvertently talked about this matter with friends, always the friend but said 1: "did two feelings if long, and in which." I looked at her, quiet for a few seconds, the heart be suddenly enlightened.

Now every July seven, my family will get in the home, a heap of don't know where is grandma turned out from hometown customs, have also become interesting. After dinner, grandma sang "magpie fairy", everyone follow up while listening to beat. Like a dream "gentle, ritual, return of magpie. Two feelings if long, and is in exist." In persimmon leaves "wow - wow -" sound, grandma ended the song, like a few years ago, though he did not change anything. Altair and vega in the sky as if also really close together.

July seven, to your family, your friends, of the person you love, and affection in the heart.











When I was young, home theater with a few grapes, mother always told us that on the night of the Chinese valentine's day that day, can hear cows (under the vine and vega on the magpie bridge in conversation. At that time, several sister of this story, invited the Chinese valentine's day evening to listen to. But then is too small, not too many concepts of the lunar calendar, has been missed, until now, the vine has does not exist, the gigolo knit a little words, can no longer be heard.

After school, like qin guan "magpie fairy" "fiber cloud opportunely, fly, the hate, Banks had dark du. Goldwind high curative value a meet, then win the world...." In the heart always to the cow (vega can't often meet each other.

Chinese valentine's day originated in the han dynasty, also known as "the needlework festival". Eastern jin ge hong "xiking miscellanea" have "han choi on July 7, female often to wear seven needle hole in the front floor, all of xi", hope the girl can be practical. Wei jin southern and northern dynasties, with the increasingly improvement of vega and love story, the Chinese valentine's day has become a universal festival, festival customs are rich and colorful activities, while "the needlework" to become the most common section of common activities. Jingchu age "in describing the common cloud:" on July 7th, for the morning glory, vega party night. Is the evening, the woman with floor, wear seven hole needle, or with gold and silver as the needle, melon and fruit in the family with the needlework "Chen. Now, the custom of the Chinese valentine's day had forgotten, and because of the existence of cattle (vega love legend is known as "Chinese valentine's day".

Today, another year the Tanabata night, whether celestial cattle insulting and vega can meet, we have to know, but the lovers will be lovers.






Chinese valentine's day, also known as "the needlework" or "girl's day", "sections", of the lunar calendar July seven, also called the Chinese valentine's day. Chinese valentine's day is China's traditional festivals the most romantic colour of a festival, is also on the 7th day of the girls in the past.

In this night, women wear the needlework needle, prayer, devotion. The needlework section is a gigolo knit story handed down by. In the needlework, ancient and modern have a different approach, ancient times, in many parts of the unmarried girls will be at the time of the night, stay in the melon and fruit under the frame to listen. It is said that if can hear the gigolo knit meet me, the girl would get sweet love in the future. Will dew to wash hair, legend Chinese valentine's day when the dew is the gigolo knit meet when tears, such as in the eyes and hands, can make the person nimble. Chinese valentine's day in ancient times and do the custom of the needlework fruit, the needlework fruit is flour, sugar, and a few of sesame seeds. The needlework fruit also known as "proper fruit", made from wheat flour called "smart"; Made of glutinous rice flour said "pink" smart. In addition, the Chinese valentine's day that day, the minority areas and vega needle, the needlework and other custom.

This year's Chinese valentine's day is today, August 13. In the evening, I came downstairs the lawn. Then it is already dark, purple blue sky hung the moon, on many little star twinkle, like a child, bright eyes, very beautiful. I took half a day, only found in the numerous stars Altair and vega. Altair and vega are very big, very bright. Altair is light blue, shine with the light of the light blue; Vega is a little red, with reddish light. In the middle of the two stars have a clear line, that is the heavenly queen in the Milky Way.

I looked at the sky, eyes with vega and the cowherd and the two children met: a lot of magpies fly together, with his own body to set up a strong and solid, the magpie bridge meet, vega and two children. Think of the scene, I feel very warm.

In the Chinese valentine's day - Tanabata sparked my daydream, let me has a great imagination on the fallacy of the night sky.







On the first day of this year as is the western valentine's day, my family can be had a romantic new moon valentine's day!

Supper is upstairs I play computer, suddenly heard very noisy downstairs, pursuing. Dad, LaoJiu and old uncle, each with a bright rose a dagger in his hand. And then one knee, say: "I love you!" To the respective love! My eyes always stay in my mom and dad, I saw my father laugh, also saw the mother's smile, the in the mind very sweet! Mom, dad love to my mother had a such a romantic valentine's day!

See below scene, my heart is so moved, because of amusement mom and dad love, just let me have a loving home!





Legend, long long ago, west of nanyang cattle home villages had a smart hardworking young man named cowherd, because parents early death, so we have to follow the elder brother sister-in-law. But sister-in-law is vicious, not only often bewilders cowherd, also let him do heavy work. Finally sister-in-law also put cowherd out of the door, only to the cowherd a cow. But the cowherd with diligence and finally can let her meals food and clothing. How time flies, only it is time to marry the age of the children, in the end the help of celestial cattle, the cowherd took the descent from heaven to play fairy - vega, and from now on and she lived a day, also gave birth to a boy and a girl. Both husband and wife, a tapestry, one to do farm work, happy life. But bad weather, good times are always not long, it was heavenly queen and the jade emperor know that they will sent to day, forcefully to fine a coming apart. Cowboy is sad, but also helpless, at this time the old cow said suddenly, after the death of it, peel the skin off it, put in the body, can fly to heaven, and the old cow died. Cowherd restraining tears to peel the skin under the old cow, immediately back two children and ran in the sky. See, will catch up with vega cowherd, but remove the head of the heavenly queen gold hairpin, a budao edge of tianhe quickly emerged, vega and relative cry every day have to shed tears. They finally so devoted love touched magpies, ten million magpie fly to heaven they put up a bridge, to make the gigolo knit meet. Holy mother are helpless, have to agree to seventh day they meet once a year.

Today is Chinese valentine's day, qixi festival known as the festival of the needlework. On this day many girls would pray to vega, pray you had double hands, has one thousand years of love in the future. Reader will kuixing worship during today, hope kuixing let them do shipment smoothly.

Looked up the sky, as we all know how tonight to find "cowherd" and "vega"? If it is a fine night, can be in the place where is not affected by urban lighting, had better be two hours after dark, near the head, as long as you are careful observation, can be found in the Milky Way's side and on both sides of a total of three bright star. The brightest of bluish white stars, and is "vega", in the south by east vega, have a yellowish star, is the "cowboy", and the cowherd beside the two stars, that is, their sons and their daughters.

Look up at the starry sky, the vast and beautiful. Careful contemplation, I seem to understand why some their enduring the story of niulang and zhinv, mostly because the Tanabata night sky is so beautiful!






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