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Said to protect the environment, and I will think of phenomena occur at the school gate every day.

When there is a school, school, didn't open the gate, on both sides of the road is filled with trolley selling toys and snacks. Classmates scramble to buy these things, and then put the packaging, garbage, all at sixes and sevens is thrown to the ground. On the road suddenly colorful, filled with mud. Originally should be quiet quiet and tastefully laid out and the campus gate, as if into a market downtown.

If at this rate, polluters air so much garbage every day, the sky will be more and more gray, class, might stink. In the blue sky see, won't be able to smell the fresh air, this will be terrible! We can't watch the environment become like this, have to find a way to change.

I suggest that the students don't disorderly buy things at the school gate. No one to buy, the cart will slowly disappear. There would be no debris-brick, the ground won't have all kinds of bad smell in the air, also a quiet campus!

We start from the side, starts from the minor matter, reduce pollution, protect the environment. Update to make the sky more blue, the air, water cleaner, more green trees, creating a pure and fresh and beautiful home!







节能save energy 节约economy(un)减排reduce emission 低碳low-carbon

In our daily life, it's quite common that we notice that lights are still on when nobody is in, that the water-tap is left running, and that various liters are thrown away everywhere.

What causes the problems? It is because some people have developed bad habits of wasting in their lives. They have no awareness of economy and take things for granted, which does much harm to our living environment.

How to solve the problems? First of all, the awareness of everyone's saving energy should be raised to a high level. Only when the public have a clear idea of economy can we live a low-carbon life. Besides, we can make a law to punish those who are wasting energy. The most important is to save energy and reduce emission from now on, from ourselves.It is everyone's duty to save natural resources.

Therefore, for the sake of a better life, let's say “NO" in one voice to any behavior of waste! It's high time that we took immediate action to stop such waste from happening again so that we can enjoy a low-carbon life.


Many people are active in fighting against unfair treatment to colored

people, women , animals and so on. Right now I am talking about fighting for

respect to our environment.Though the environment doesn't have a mouth to

deprecate what humans have done to her, she retaliates through action. In the early years the Chinese cut down large quantities of trees, at the source of the yellow river, which led to the disappearance of big forests and

terrible floods. As a result, the

Huangtu plateau which was once covered with grass and forests was turned into barrens that supported fewer plants. Another example was in several

developed countries. Because many

chemical factories discharged

poisonous gas without filtering it,

cities were covered with so much

poisonous gas that people were killed by the air they breathed in. What horrible scene!What we are suffering is only a small part of what the nature once

suffered. If we don't take action to show respect to the environment, we will have to face an increasingly awful situation.

Measures should be taken to

protect the environment on which we are relying. First governments should

forbid destroying vegetation, rivers and lakes, oceans, as and the atmosphere as well. Second voices should be made to announce the public of the importance of protecting the environment. Third

enterprises should pay special

attention to the effect they have on the environment and work out solutions for the problems.

Only by changing the way we treat the environment can we get along well with it. Only by saving the environment can we save ourselves.


Now, fewer and fewer resources on earth, now the environment is becoming worse. In order to make the sustainable development of human civilization, "low-carbon life" started.

This year, the world expo held in Shanghai, China, the theme is: "city, better life!" , the purpose is to promote "low-carbon life". In the city, at the countless chimneys in the smoke, thousands of drain in the discharge of sewage, leading to the greenhouse effect, acid rain and other disasters, caused a huge impact on the environment.

Arthas pavilion is a four-storey building, main solar water curtain wall is one of the biggest bright spot. The technology wall prototype is French Alsace he middle school wall of the sun, in the local applied in heating in winter. Considering the Shanghai summer high temperature and wet, arthas the solar wall in front of the pavilion and add the function of the summer.

Solar water curtain wall from outside to inside, including three layers, the outer layer is composed of solar panels and thick glass, the middle layer is a can open closed air layer, the inner layer is the water after the water curtain of glass layer. Part in the summer, solar panels can block off the sun, outdoor hot air into the air layer, contact the water curtain wall, the effect of cooling and cooling by transpiration. "Shanghai is too hot in summer, water curtain wall can't completely replace the air conditioning." General representative MaryseDondrille lady said, "but the water curtain wall can maximize reduce indoor temperature, reducing dependence on central air conditioning the entire architecture."


Pay attention to health is a virtue, but also the need of public environment. Only pay attention to health, can have a beautiful environment, in order to have a healthy life.

To protect the environment to starts from the minor matter, starts from oneself can do things. River for example from the door, as long as we don't litter, saw others trash to prevent, the mud in the river will be less and less, at the same time the sea will be more and more clean, more and more blue.

We can put a environmental bag at the edge of the drawer, we wouldn't be throwing the trash again, just to bag a put. In this way not only can clean our classroom, can also let the helper sweeping the floor more easily.

We took to the streets in the best is to use environmental protection bag, this is much better with a plastic bag. Plastic bags are disposable, while environmental protection bags can be used for a long time. Combined with plastic bags to the environment pollution is very serious, so use environmental protection bags will be better.

We all want to start small, although it's just a little strength, but as long as we do together, it will be a great support to the society.

Protecting environment starts from the minor matter, as long as do his best.








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